CarGO Shifter Single Axle

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Brian James CarGO Shifter Single Axle

2.50m (8ft 2) x 1.30m, 1500kg


The low weight and a new, low chassis height mean that the Shifter is easy to tow and load, as well as providing extra load capacity. All Brian James trailers enjoy a reputation for being easy to tow and this remained an important design requirement for the Shifter. The team was focused on the chassis where strength and tow-ability are defined. By selecting high specification steels for fabrication, the chassis has been made strong and light. Advanced chassis design also supports the tough phenolic deck along its full length, which will allow heavy items like rollers to be transported without the deck bowing.

This extra support extends the life span of the trailer as it prevents distortion and weakening. As always, safety is a crucial part of overall trailer design; heavy loads need plenty of strong, low tie-down points. It was decided that the traditional deck ring is noisy, difficult and unreliable in the long term, so an innovative solution was created. It is multiple-hook compatible and incredibly simple, as well as being quiet and self-cleaning.

Technical Specification
Load Bed Length – 2.50m / 8ft 2”
Load Bed Width – 1.30m / 4ft 3”
Gross Weight – 1500kg
Load Capacity – 1050kg
Number of Axles – 1
Load Bed Height – 39cm
Wheel Size – 195R13
Overall Trailer Length – 3.67m
Overall Trailer Width – 1.82m
Payload: 1050kg
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